The Evergreen Barn

I’ve been commissioned to paint this old barn near Evergreen and thought it would be fun to “blog as ya go” with it. These photos show a bit of the preparation and planning process, including a really rough Notan. Notan referes to the dark light pattern in a painting.


I’ve seen Notan done so completely every value in the piece has been planned out. I like them  a little bit less refined leaving room for the painting process to dictate some of the value patterns as I go.


I’ve prepped the canvas with “Eldon Orange”. (Cad Orange) I mixed a bunch of it up with thinner and poured it on then spread it around with a plastic bag as a rag would have just soaked it all up. It took a couple of days longer to dry than I had thought but finally it’s dry enough I can paint over the orange and not pick it up into the new layers of paint.

initial wash and drawing

And this is the start. I’ll be working to a predetermined color scheme and some of this under painting is going to shine through into the finished piece. I took the photo I’ll be using for reference at about 6:00 A.M so the color of the light was a pretty strong yellow orange. The orange under painting should re-enforce that.  I’ll be posting every few days until we’re finished.   I’m going to have a lot of fun doing this one.     So…. cross yer fingers everyone.  Here we go!



7 Responses to “The Evergreen Barn”

  1. Wow Eldon,

    I love finding out about the process. Very cool.

    Have great time painting this.

    Take care,


  2. Hi Barbara, So far so good, I’ve started with the barn (nearly finished) and will post again in a day or so. Everyone will be totally tired of me before this one is completed. 🙂

  3. Eldon- I’ll speak for all of us:
    We will NOT ever be tired of seeing and reading about your process.
    It’s great to see how you ” think it out ” and move it along.
    I can learn from what you do.
    Who couldn’t?

    And we still maintain our own styles, which are distinctly our own. What we can learn and add to our bag of skills are methods that make us better painters.

    Thanks for doing this for all of us.

    Looking forward to seeing the next.


  4. Lisa Ceremsak Says:

    My brother is the person who has asked you to paint Evergreen Meadow. I have never “blogged” before, but i’m so interested in the process that i think i might just keep tuning in 🙂 grateful he found someone so thoughtful. best, lisa

    • Hi Lisa & Bob & Eldon,

      This is a fascinating way to watch the devolpment of the painting.
      I’m having as much fun tracking the progress as you guys are. I drove by the barn today and I have to say Eldon’s really got it goin on here. Great work Eldon!

  5. Really enjoy your progress. My fav is still your ability with water. Your website is extremly well done. Keep it up. Most inovative.

  6. Thanks Trixie, maybe it’s time to do some more water painting. I’ll see what I can come up with and will keep ya posted.

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