Another Demo Day at Stoneheart Gallery Hi! It’s a day late but not forgotten.. I went painting last evening and I came home worn out so I elected to let this blog thing slide for a day. Anyway, I’m back and I want to tell ya about the Demo next Saturday, Aug. 8th, at Stoneheart Gallery in Evergreen. The image below is from a week ago at Stoneheart, it’ll give ya some idea of what you can expect next week. The above link will take ya to some info. It’s a ning kind of thing and you can sign in if you already have a ning account. If you don’t, you can set up a password and you can come back any time and see what’s going on in the social. You can leave comments about what’s in there (or what’s not) and there’s a chat so you can talk to others doin the ning thing. OR! You can choose not to do any of that and just show up on Saturday and we’ll paint and have a good time anyway. Mark King, gallery owner, is our host.

demo 12x24 oil

It’s going to be a very laid back informal event. Anyone who would like to come out and see us can come for a little while or they can stay all day. I’m setting up around 11:00 A.M. and will try to make it last until around 5:00. <—this is the Stoneheart site.

Below is the painting I did last night. It’s pretty rough. I got there when the sun was just inches from going behind a bunch of trees. I recorded as much as I could before my subject was in shadow so things are a little less careful than normal. Which is OK since I intend to use it just for reference when I start a larger version this evening. Sometimes I want a plein air piece that will stand by itself and sometimes I just need reference material. I needed a plein air fix last night though so I really wasn’t thinking about it too much either way. This is what I got and I like the scene well enough to do it again and take some care with it.

12x16 plein air oil

So… this particular painting, being one I’m not totally crazy about, leads to one that I am. This (below) was a “last week painting” in the studio done from a photo taken in S.E. Colorado last summer. For those of you in the area it’s just south of hi-way 50, between Rocky Ford an LaJunta. I may keep this one. There’s something about the light I like.

10x20 oil

Talk to ya soon.



10 Responses to “Another Demo Day at Stoneheart Gallery”

  1. The color and light on the lower painting is very beautiful Eldon.

  2. Thanks Susan, like they say, even a blind pig can find an acorn now and then. This is one of those confidence builders that one knows is going to lead to something better. We artists have to pay attention to these small messages and realize there are better paintings to be built and greater places to go with our art. Watching you get better and better too is a sure sign you’re listening to what your art is saying to you.

  3. This is a wonderful painting Eldon! I love the abstract quality and the colors. There’s an appealing softness and coolness to it. The repetition of the car roofs is a nice touch. It is also perfectly balanced.

    • Wow! That’s a heck of a compliment from someone as accomplished as you. Thanks Doug. How’s it goin down there? Say hey to Lori. Hope you’re enjoying that painting.

  4. You are right about the light on this one. Unmistakable mid day warmth!! Glad to see that Field of Blue is again among the chosen few!! Woo hoo!!!

    • Hey Mr. Martin!! Good to hear from you. I’ve been threatening to call you and see if ya want to go paint. Whatayasay? I’ve got to get in plein air shape for Estes. Comin up in two weeks.
      I’m happy for Fields, It’ll retire here soon.

  5. Hi Eldon,

    No sleep here in Quebec city and I was just writing on Edward Gordon’s blog.

    Super painting and great blog.

    Take care,


  6. As if by magic huh?

    I hope you’re enjoying your vacation. If not, try harder. 🙂

  7. My gosh Eldon, the blue of that barn is just the most convincing demonstration of shade and how it’s contrasted to the sunlight.
    Oh this piece is a beauty!

    • Hi Bonnie! I’m glad you like this one. You are such a fine painter and to have you thinking this is a beauty is a real compliment. Thanks.

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