Was I in any real danger?

We had a good day at Stoneheart. My friends Vicki and Jim and Clay and Barbara dropped in to see the goings on. We painted for about 4 1/2 hours and this is the result. I say “we” because it was a collaborative effort. We had a long afternoon discussion (lively) about this painting as it took shape. We discussed things like where to put a particular shade of violet or what was going to happen to my fingers if I kept messing around in certain areas. We all eventually saw the moose and though the rabbit has been painted out it is not forgotten. Thank Vicki for that nice cool hue along the top of the roof and the violet in the shadows just to the left of the house and thanks goes to Jim for finding the moose. Mark (gallery owner) is to be commended for his wonderful  imagining of the beautiful lady in the house. All in all it took a bunch of us to get this painting done. Thanks for the help guys, I couldn’t have done it alone. 🙂  To be sure though, all kiddin aside, this painting would not be as nice a piece if my friends hadn’t been there to lend a hand and threaten me from time to time as they did. I had fun.

18x24 oil on canvas/demo

I met a lot of nice people in the mean time.  Daniel Voigt and his family came by.  Daniel is one of my fellow artists in the gallery. He does large abstract pieces <—— that are totally wonderful.  Andree Hudson was in for a while too.  She paints WOW! Take a look. Her painting,

Blue Fire” <——  is awesome.

Next week begins the Estes Park Plein Air Competition. It’ll be busy busy after that. Keep your fingers crossed, I haven’t been out much to paint and I’m rusty. I’ll keep ya posted.



6 Responses to “Was I in any real danger?”

  1. This is beautiful. Love those foreground shadows.

  2. Thanks Leslie, glad you like it. It was a lot of fun to paint. I looked at your site and found some very interesting and beautiful work. Thanks, too, for leaving the comment, I thoroughly enjoy hearing from folks.

  3. Vicki Barton Says:

    Eldon, Thanks for a putting up with all the “help”. The discussions really helped me get back into an oil painting thought process. Your “new” shadow color for the red dirt is right on. The crowds in Estes will get a treat watching you paint in person. I’ll let you know how my painting goes this week. Vicki

    • Good Morning Vicki! Sounds like you’re ready to rock and roll. We had a lot of fun didn’t we? I’m sure your painting efforts this week will go well. After all you’re no new comer to the art world or to the oil medium. Good luck and thanks again for a wonderful afternoon at Stoneheart.

  4. Hi Eldon,

    I haven’t had enough internet time on holiday to get to your blog, so
    what a treat it is seeing the wonderful work you’ve been doing.

    This is lovely.

    Take care,


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