One down, a gazillion to go

It’s a good start.

18x24 plein air oil

I took the hit, I wanted to be out and set up for this painting before the sun came up. I was.

I was up at 5:00 a.m. and set up 20 minutes before the sun knew I was even in the neighborhood. The muse and I had it figured out. The sun was going to just touch the top of that mountain and the rest of the scene was going to be in shadow. The light was going to be a pinkish orange and the foreground would be full of soft blues, violet and black green. That was before a long row of clouds lay down low on the horizon. The sun came up behind the cloud and when it broke over the top the entire scene was bathed in a front light that flattened every thing. A challenge but I gotterdun! I’m off to a great beginning with nowhere to go but up! And I’m not finished with this scene. I’m looking for some really deep shadow so  maybe a late afternoon version is in order. It’s not far away, just 17.4 miles.

Hmmmm back lit, that’s it, it needs to be back lit.

Back in a day or two,



8 Responses to “One down, a gazillion to go”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    Have a great time painting! We’ll look forward to following your two week journey. Vicki

  2. Good beginning, Eldon. I know that you will be busy. I wish I was coming to Estes Park this year but life gets in the way sometimes. I am anxious to see all your wonderful artwork that you will be doing for the show. I love it.


    • Hi Peggy, I miss you already. You have become such a part of the Estes event that you not being here is going to be really different. I’ll post again for you as soon as I get the opportunity and this cursed weather dries out.

  3. Have fun in Estes Eldon- like Coni says, the fun factor is a very important thing.

  4. It looks fantastic right now. It’s hard to plan the sun’s path isn’t it.
    Especially when clouds get into the mix.

    Super work.

    Take care,


    • Hi Barbara, Thanks. No mother nature didn’t cooperate but I painted and loved every minute of it. A guys gotta do what a guys gotta do. 🙂

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