One more day

I’ve got one more day I can paint for this years plein air event in Estes Park. I’m heading north tomorrow to a special place near Fort Collins. They’ve given us a 50 mile radius of Estes to paint so I’m going to paint down in “the valley”. This is a place I’ve been wanting to go paint for a couple of years now. To say the least I’m way excited.

I painted today in Rocky Mountain National Park. The morning was great but as per normal the rains took over in the afternoon and kind of put a damper on things. Oh well, The painting below was worth the trip and I was draggin heinie tired so I came on home to blog.

16x20 plein air oil16x20 oil


16x20Here’s a little progression of today’s painting. 16×20


This (below) was yesterday. 18×24 in Upper Beaver Meadow. I’m not all that good a photographer so this one doesn’t show as nice as it is. It’s better in person I think.

18x24 oil plein air

One day to go and then next Saturday is the Quick Draw. That’s always a blast. I’ll keep ya posted. In the mean time I’ll get rested up. I’m draggin out my tracks.

later 🙂



10 Responses to “One more day”

  1. Both are so nice Eldon. You are doing well and I am really going to miss the Quick Draw and seeing everyone. Good luck to you and all. Your work is just elegant, Eldon. I continue to be so impressed.


    • Hi Peggy, Well I was right. Folks are asking about you. 🙂 You’ve become a big part of the goings on. Maybe next year yeah? I’ll be thinking about you at the quick draw. Saturday will be dedicated to my friend Peg.

  2. Vicki Barton Says:

    I love the light spots on the trees. The shafts of light in the deep shade are always compelling. Try to rest up and we hope the trip to paint is just what you are looking for. Vicki

    • Hi Vicki, I’ve got 2 or 3 days to kind of recoup. It’s nice to be finished running all over the place. Saturday will mark the end of the competition. It’s always fun but I get way tired. I’ll keep ya posted on what happens Keep your fingers crossed.

  3. You knocked that 16×20 right outa the park!!!

    • Thanks Doug, I’m getting some real positive feed back on that one. I’ll put it in as one of the three for the judging. Wish me luck.

  4. The 16×20 is awsome Eldon!

    • Hi Sue, thank you. I’m hoping the judges see it your way. I’ll blog about Saturday and let everyone know no matter which way it goes.

  5. Hi Eldon,

    Beautiful work. Just gorgeous. I like the expression “dragging out my tracks.” I think that’s me tonight. So great work, got to blog and go.

    Take care,


  6. Hi Barbara, I haven’t been paying as much attention to my friends the last few days as I should. Sorry bout that. Soon things will get back to normal and we can all do business a per usual. Cross your fingers for Saturday. I’ll keep ya posted.

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