some get rained out,

which is almost what happened at the Quick Draw Saturday. There was this big black cloud that threatened to drench the auction the entire time. I haven’t any idea why the thing stopped and shifted to the S. E. but it did. Maybe it was the hundred or so people in the park sending out vibes that we just didn’t need it. Anyway all we got was a sprinkle or two and the event went just as planned. Below is the 90 minute painting I did.

16x12 plein air

It’s hard to believe I brought it home with me. But it’s not all bad. It means I get to keep it. I really like this one. It’s more abstract than I usually do and the depth (hard to see in the photo)  is even more than I bargained for. It’s a lesson to hang on to.

18x24 pleinair oil

This is the piece (above) I did in the Livermore area near Fort Collins. I’ve wanted to paint there for a while now and I wasn’t disappointed. My host let me have the run of the property.  Overload!!!!  It’s a most beautiful area with great subject matter everywhere. So many choices made the task of finding just one thing to paint pretty hard. I pulled it out  though.  It’s titled “The Open Road” and measures 18×24 inches. It’s one of the three I submitted for judging. It’s better in person. The photo was taken in the gallery because I spaced getting it photographed here at home. The light was a little weird and we had to hand hold the camera.

20x16 plein air oil20x10 plein air oil

These were the other two entries submitted for judging. The first is titled “Dynamic Duo”, the second is “Little Growie Thing”. Growie Thing fits since  have no idea what it is. I figured since I was there and it was there and my paint was there it’d be a great time to get it on canvas. It’s one of my favorites.

quick drawquick draw

All those painters, so little time. There’s a painter on that bridge somewhere.

quick draw

Don’t pay any attention to the shifty eyed guy in the white shirt. He’s a camera hog. Can’t be trusted.

M. J.near Dawn's house

Margaret Jensen doing the same pot of  flowers as me and what day in Estes would be complete without the wild life. ( Oh wait! That was Wednesday night.)



10 Responses to “some get rained out,”

  1. Oh Eldon. glad the rain did not come to ruin the event. I love your quick draw. Sorry you did not win but got to take the painting home. I think it is lovely. I like the other two that you entered into the contest. Please may I have the run down of the winners and whose paintings at the quick draw caught your eye. Oh I wished I was there. What a great day it must have been. I hope you said hello from me to all.


    • I did say hello for ya. I was asked several times where you were. I’ll get a list of winners for ya. I’ll be back up this coming weekend for a day and will get around and find out who did what. There weren’t many awards in Ron’s gallery and I didn’t get up to see the other one. Will keep ya posted.

  2. Great paintings Eldon, and great post. I love the flowers and the landscapes and growy thing. Beautiful, beautiful work.

    Take care,


    • Thanks Barbara, I didn’t paint as much this year as I usually do. Slowing down left me with less to pick from but they were better in general. Was a fun fun time.

  3. Vicki Barton Says:

    It was great to see you painting “flowers” in Estes. My favorite parts are the light “sparkles” on the stems. Sorry it didn’t find a home but you’ll enjoy having it. We did enjoy the Livermore landscape at Earthwoods. That is the same area I photographed the wildflowers earlier in the season. It is peaceful up there. We hope the gallery shows do well for you. It is fascinating to see the diverse Quick Draw subjects and painting techniques. It was 90 minutes of fast paced drama. Thanks. V

  4. Vicki, Hi! It was really nice to see you guys up there. It was pretty cool wasn’t it? There were lots of really nice paintings in the auction. I thought the action could have been better but in these times I guess it wasn’t too bad. Now all we have to do is wait and see what happens. Maybe we’ll sell, maybe not. You know how it goes. Ya win some, ya lose some and some get rained out.

  5. I just wanted to be sure you know how proud I am of you and your work! I love ya’ Dad!!!!!!!! I always look forward to going to Estes for the show not for any other work but yours (and YES-I’m predjudice) Bit I must say there were wonderful things this year..but the more I think on it the more I love the growie thing!!

    Love Ya’ Dad

  6. Sharon Archey Says:

    Hey cuz,
    I have loved all of your work I have seen. Wish I lived closer so I could go to one of these things. Must be awesome. I love to point out my Eldon WArren gallery when my friends come over. They like it too.
    Love your cuz, Sharon

  7. Hey Sharon!! Thanks! Good to hear from ya. It would be cool if you lived closer wouldn’t it. We’d go have a blast at one of these. There’s another one here in town starting today. I signed up but don’t know if I’m actually going to take part. I’m kinda worn out.
    Keep the comments comin. We can stay in touch! Yeah?

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