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These three paintings are the latest additions to my collection. They are, in order of appearance, works done by Dawn Normali – Estes Park Colorado, Barbara Muir -Toronto Canada, and Josh Been – Salida Colorado.

5x7 Dawn Normally oil

Get up close to this one of Dawn’s and you’ll see some of the juiciest paint you can imagine. Thick, wet, imaginative brush strokes seem to be Dawn’s trademark. This is the second piece I’ve gotten from Dawn and the technique is much the same in each. What do I admire most about Dawn and the work she does? Dawn isn’t afraid to put it down and leave it down. No hesitation.

Dawn is in process of setting up her own Word Press Blog. I’ll post a link when it’s up.

8x8 Barbara Muir acrylic

Barbara Muir describes herself as a  portrait artist. She is from Toronto, Canada and has been a good friend for quite a while now. Her subject matter, though,  goes a long way beyond portraits  as you’ll see when you visit her blog, Barbara Paints. Barbara’s use of color never ceases to amaze me. It’s pretty easy to get into one of Barbara’s pieces and feel what she’s saying about her subject. She also paints a lot of herself into her work. The result is simply a happy thing all around.

8x10 Josh Been oil

I got this piece from Josh Been this past summer when Debra and I took a mini vacation to Salida.  Besides the use of grays in this painting I’m drawn to the brush work. The energy shown in the brush work indicates the painting was done rather quickly and a lot of attention was paid to edges. I’d love to just sit and watch Josh handle edges. Get in close and take a look, you’ll see what I mean. When you’re looking at edges look  mostly where the light and the shadow meet.

And…what’d I do all week?                           Nothin! …..other than goof off and drink some really good wine from New Zealand with friends, go to bed early several times, take some naps, and purchase  a tube of white paint.  (Along with a bunch of  small and trivial, sometimes totally boring,  activities to numerous to mention. ) Say that three times fast. 🙂

Night all,



Some Guy’s Epiphany

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A while back I was thumbing through an art magazine and ran across an article some guy (I don’t remember who it was) had written about an epiphany he had just had about making a painting more  interesting by using a small bit of bright, not necessarily pure, color surrounded by a lot of grayed color. He was wondering how this idea had eluded him for so long. His muse had finally given in and the light came shining through. He suggested a few ways to mix and gray a color.

1.   Mix a color with it’s compliment.

2.   Add white and or black.

3.   Add some of your  junk paint from your palette. (Richard Schmid would cringe)

4.   Mix or buy a gray and add this to the mix.

Well this didn’t fall through the grate to the alligators. It stuck and I’ve been thinking about it since.

12x24 oil on canvas

This is the result. I’d hoped to see just how gray I could make a bunch of color and get away with it. It’s a pretty good start but I don’t think I’ve  pushed it as far as it’ll go. Not yet. One thing for sure the concept is a good one to knock around. It’s a bit different for me since I’ve always been more concerned with light than color.

I looked for quite a while before finding reference material that would lend itself to the idea and it’s a little bit of a backward process for me. Normally I find a subject then decide how I’m going to deal with it. Deciding the concept first then finding subject matter helped me keep things in focus and moving in the right direction.

G-Night everyone’