These three paintings are the latest additions to my collection. They are, in order of appearance, works done by Dawn Normali – Estes Park Colorado, Barbara Muir -Toronto Canada, and Josh Been – Salida Colorado.

5x7 Dawn Normally oil

Get up close to this one of Dawn’s and you’ll see some of the juiciest paint you can imagine. Thick, wet, imaginative brush strokes seem to be Dawn’s trademark. This is the second piece I’ve gotten from Dawn and the technique is much the same in each. What do I admire most about Dawn and the work she does? Dawn isn’t afraid to put it down and leave it down. No hesitation.

Dawn is in process of setting up her own Word Press Blog. I’ll post a link when it’s up.

8x8 Barbara Muir acrylic

Barbara Muir describes herself as a  portrait artist. She is from Toronto, Canada and has been a good friend for quite a while now. Her subject matter, though,  goes a long way beyond portraits  as you’ll see when you visit her blog, Barbara Paints. Barbara’s use of color never ceases to amaze me. It’s pretty easy to get into one of Barbara’s pieces and feel what she’s saying about her subject. She also paints a lot of herself into her work. The result is simply a happy thing all around.

8x10 Josh Been oil

I got this piece from Josh Been this past summer when Debra and I took a mini vacation to Salida.  Besides the use of grays in this painting I’m drawn to the brush work. The energy shown in the brush work indicates the painting was done rather quickly and a lot of attention was paid to edges. I’d love to just sit and watch Josh handle edges. Get in close and take a look, you’ll see what I mean. When you’re looking at edges look  mostly where the light and the shadow meet.

And…what’d I do all week?                           Nothin! …..other than goof off and drink some really good wine from New Zealand with friends, go to bed early several times, take some naps, and purchase  a tube of white paint.  (Along with a bunch of  small and trivial, sometimes totally boring,  activities to numerous to mention. ) Say that three times fast. 🙂

Night all,



10 Responses to “Additions”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    Congratulations! First, the paintings are great additions to your collection and secong you are entitiled to kick back a little and let a new round of creativity incubate. Can’t wait to see what “hatches”. I’ve basically had the same kind of week with deadlines looming……V

    • Yeah! But I think tomorrow I’ll be back at it. I’ll probably be down town painting in the Golden Triangle for a plein air competition being put on down there. This would be the first time I’ve worked in this one. I have no idea who is even entered with me. It’ll be pretty much a whole new group of people. And don’t worry, I know you’re one of those that won’t let it go too long. I have faith in ya.

  2. Hi Eldon,

    Okay you get the job of being my Public Relations person. Thanks so much.
    I’m really glad you like the bluebird. I’ve been painting all day today,
    with relaxing breaks to go to the market and to meet Steven and the dog at the end of their walk. I stood in the park in the late day light asking the universe to show me a bird. (Chickadees, which I love don’t tend to show themselves). Suddenly a tree in front of me filled with birds like magic, robins, little grey birds with dramatic stripes on their tails, an a big soft brown bird with a creamy breast that wasn’t a mourning dove. Wow! I was blown away. So birds are definitely one of my things. Steven and the dog waited patiently for five minutes while I just stood in awe.

    Thanks for being a really great friend.

    Take care,


    • Hi Barbara, your painting of the blue bird is awesome and I loved it from the moment I saw it. You’re a very generous soul ya know. And generosity has it’s pay backs. A tree full of birds just might be the universe’s way of doing that.

  3. Eldon,
    thanks for sharing those great pieces.
    I am so glad to hear that someone else is doing some “nuthin’.
    Yes, I have to get back “to it” but am feeling a little toasted after Estes. I envy you painting the Golden Triangle.
    It is all I can do to teach classes and prepare for Salida – (CO Mt Plein Air Fest). Will you be there?
    Hope so.
    – Coni

    • As good as it sounds the Golden Triangle has little of interest. For me at least. I, on the other hand, have decided I need to push some limits and get into that uncomfortable “oh crap” zone and see if I can do something besides little “growie” things. I think some figure and portrait practice is in order and the one thing I’d like to do in the triangle is paint streets and cars and stuff. Sounds like fun but I’ll work from photos because standing in the middle of the street to paint is dangerous. 🙂

  4. Another goosebumpy delight of blogging is collecting each others’ work.
    Who better than those that we follow and covet to appreciate the process, the triumphs, frustrations and breakthroughs.
    Artists as patrons- painless.
    Fellow bloggers as customers- priceless.

    I like the disparity of styles.

    Enjoy the kick back phase- it won’t last long and when winter comes, you’ll have something to do inside.

  5. Yeah buddy!! I’m getting quite a nice collection of small things, mostly from my friends, and my walls are much happier for it. As far as winter, I really think I belong in a warmer climate but this year I’m going to branch out a little and get into uncharted territory where my painting is concerned. Maybe a good long hard winter could be put to use right here in the studio.

  6. Hi Eldon, Hope you’re doing well. And wondering if you saw the note I left for you in your “about me” section. Also, I had a really hard, funny day in the field recently that I wrote about (link below) and though it might give you a chuckle Sending you my best, Aliaena

    • Aliaena, That was one of the best posts I’ve read in a long time.
      To anyone reading this go take a look at Aliaena’s latest post. There’s a link in the “Opportunity” post above.

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