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A Progression

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12x24 oil on canvas

This is the start of a landscape I’ve been trying to get to for a while.

What I concentrated on most with the upper area was painting space and getting the landscape to go as far into the distance as I could get it to go. I began with the darks of the pine trees close up and painted them lighter and a little more gray as they went back into the picture plane. Beyond that, in the row of trees further back and the hill sides, I painted with a lot less detail and a lot of grayed color to keep things going away into the distance. I brushed in the sky and clouds even more pale  but fairly light as the sky in that area holds the light source for this piece.

Then I pulled back and painted the brush along the river banks. The color here is warmer and I’ll keep painting warm as I get back closer to the foreground. The red/brown shadows of the pine tree are my first intrusion into this area.

12x24 oil on canvas 100_4250

This bright blue (cobalt + white) area in the water is warmed with a bit of alizarine crimson and brushed in pretty quickly. This passage is going to give me something to paint into (wet into wet) with some of the sky color a little later.

I also darkened those shadows on the water cast by the pine trees. The light source is behind the trees and the trees are casting a shadow onto the water. When the light source is directly behind an object, in this case the pine trees, a shadow is cast into the foreground. The shadows cast on to  water blocks a reflection from the sky and lets someone from this point of view see down into the water to the bottom of the river bed. The color here seems to be very warm and rusty. Also I laid in the foliage lower right keeping the same concept in mind of warmer color up front, cooler in the distance.

12x24 oilon canvas 100_4252

Here is where I began painting wet, lighter color into the water. I’ve also started painting in some reflections and color from the sky. The shadows on the water were a little hard edged so I took this opportunity to soften edges and get them to become more a part of the surface of the water.

12x24 oil on canvas 100_4253

Next the base color for the sand bar. I’ll use this base like I did the blue in the water. I’ll paint back into it wet in wet and develope the textures and shapes of the rocks in that area.

detail 100_4254

detail 100_4255

detail 100_4256

The above three details show how I worked my way across the sand bar. Up close it simply looks a little lacy but takes on shape and detail as the viewer gets further away from the piece. I used a round to do the detail in this are. (I’ve only recently found that a flat isn’t the only brush in the world.)

12x24 oil on canvas 100_4264

Now the painting is more or less complete. I’ve finished the sand bar and placed a few details in the trees such as the trunks and a few branches. The trunks on the left and close up are warmer and a little more distinct than those on the right. My center of interest was put in last.

Happy Daize!!



Druuuuum Rolllll!!!!!

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Introducing!!   Debra!

And what she does when she’s being creative.

debrawire wrap

wire wrap

Debra is my wonderful wife. One of her favorite pass times and method of relaxing is to do wire wrap jewelry. She’s been doing it for about five years now and is getting pretty dang good. Most of the time she uses copper or silver wire to wrap anything from glass beads to semi precious stones. She buys the stones already finished and puts a nice wire wrap design on it. The pink stone above is a died stone and the necklace portion is made with pearls, lapiz and died shell.

And she digs tools.

And on the American Impressionist Society front Mitch Baird won Best of show!!   AIS <—– This is a link to the online catalog. Congratulations Mitch!  His piece, “Morning Ensigns, Italy” is one heck of a painting. The judging must have been tough because there was a lot of really great work. Scroll down a ways in the catalog to see my personal favorite “Coyote Valley” by Nancy MacDonald.     Sweet!

I’m working on a piece right now that I’ve been photographing as I go. I’ll post a progression as soon it’s finished. It’s about there so it won’t be too long. Perhaps tomorrow.

Later!  🙂


American Impressionist Society

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Hey! The American Impressionist Society show is being held in Denver this year at Saks Galleries. I managed to sneak one in and delivered it today. The opening is this next Friday, Oct. 23rd from 5 to 8 p.m. The location is:  Saks Galleries, 3019 E. 2nd Ave, Denver, Colorado. I know all the folks around here close have seen my stuff already but beyond that it would be a great opportunity to see some of the best impressionist work from around the country. There were nearly 700 entries and 189 pieces were juried in so the show is no doubt going to be a good one. So….. I’m looking forward to seeing a bunch of you locals and near locals at the show. Quang Ho is judging.

For all of you but  especially for those way outta town the link above will take you to the Saks Galleries web site. In the lower left corner of the opening page is a big white dot with the letters AIS inside.   Click on that for a preview of the entire show. I’m impressed.

And below, offered as a bit of proof that I’m getting back on my feet after surgery and getting something done in the studio are a couple of paintings. One is a plein air that kinda went south the day I did it and the other is a remake of it  I think to be nearly finished.

First (some of you may remember this one from an earlier post) the not so great plein air:

12x16 oil on canvas

And following is the 18×24 piece done from the plein air.

18x24 oil on canvas

A big improvement so I guess the time spent in the field wasn’t a waste. The original had a couple of people in it so I put them in here as a matter of following my own lead. I’m not sure though if they are actually right for this piece. What I’m thinking of is to paint them out and place in a few cows instead. There’s something peaceful (for me at least) about looking into a pasture and seeing a few cows just grazing away, quiet, no cares, no hurry, nothing but time. And the evening is my favorite time of day.


What an opportunity!!

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I’mmm Baaacck!!  Sorry I missed doin the blog the last couple of weeks. I had to have a small surgery and now that I’m back to normal, (mostly), I’ll get back to buggin everyone on a weekly basis. 🙂  So…..

Before I get to talking about opportunities I want to pass on this link to everyone. Meet Aliaena!! <–click,  my friend and fellow artist  from Paris.  Aliaena has recently painted in a place where Van Gogh painted. How many of us painters would love to do that? Huh? And she recently posted her experience on her blog. Please do yourself a favor and click the link above and see just how a day can go in the life of a plein air painter.

16x12 oil on canvas

How many of you know of a painter named Malcolm Liepke? He’s the painter that paints those lovely olive skinned beauties with the “come hither” eyes,  nice red or nearly res noses and ruby lips that….    never mind.

Anyway he paints a lot of  these ladies, (and guys too), in bar scenes or restaurants. Most of the time someone in the piece is smoking something and waiting on some other bar fly to show. And you know it aint gonna happen. To boot they’re looking mostly under age and oughta be sent packin for mama and home. The above painting was painted as tongue in cheek as I possibly could following Malcolm’s lead. The girl has a healthy green tint in her skin, a nice red nose, full ruby like lips and should prolly be sent packin. I can think of several reasons why.

Now I know I’m not anywhere near the painter of  these olive skinned beauties as Malcolm. Someday perhaps but it won’t happen over night and I’ve got nothin but time.

What does that have to do with opportunity? Well the current down art market and slow sales has given me the opportunity and the time to work on some of these other types of subject matter and I’ll be paying a lot attention to several portrait painters in the process. Mostly, and in no order of any kind of importance:  Malcolm Liepke, Jeff Watts, Dan Beck, Morgan Weistling and David Leffel. I’ve collected a few DVD’s and books by some of these guys and I aint afraid to use em. So, come next spring let’s see if this opportunity of a little bit of slack time pays off.  I’ll keep ya posted.

16x12 oil on canvas

And this guy with the back pack is some more of kinda sorta the same. But not to worry, I’m not going to stop doing what I’ve been doing all these years  because I still love to get out and paint en plein air. I love how beautiful the world can be and will be a landscape painter forever. And who knows? Maybe I can merge the two and add yet another dimension to what I already do.