What an opportunity!!

I’mmm Baaacck!!  Sorry I missed doin the blog the last couple of weeks. I had to have a small surgery and now that I’m back to normal, (mostly), I’ll get back to buggin everyone on a weekly basis. 🙂  So…..

Before I get to talking about opportunities I want to pass on this link to everyone. Meet Aliaena!! <–click,  my friend and fellow artist  from Paris.  Aliaena has recently painted in a place where Van Gogh painted. How many of us painters would love to do that? Huh? And she recently posted her experience on her blog. Please do yourself a favor and click the link above and see just how a day can go in the life of a plein air painter.

16x12 oil on canvas

How many of you know of a painter named Malcolm Liepke? He’s the painter that paints those lovely olive skinned beauties with the “come hither” eyes,  nice red or nearly res noses and ruby lips that….    never mind.

Anyway he paints a lot of  these ladies, (and guys too), in bar scenes or restaurants. Most of the time someone in the piece is smoking something and waiting on some other bar fly to show. And you know it aint gonna happen. To boot they’re looking mostly under age and oughta be sent packin for mama and home. The above painting was painted as tongue in cheek as I possibly could following Malcolm’s lead. The girl has a healthy green tint in her skin, a nice red nose, full ruby like lips and should prolly be sent packin. I can think of several reasons why.

Now I know I’m not anywhere near the painter of  these olive skinned beauties as Malcolm. Someday perhaps but it won’t happen over night and I’ve got nothin but time.

What does that have to do with opportunity? Well the current down art market and slow sales has given me the opportunity and the time to work on some of these other types of subject matter and I’ll be paying a lot attention to several portrait painters in the process. Mostly, and in no order of any kind of importance:  Malcolm Liepke, Jeff Watts, Dan Beck, Morgan Weistling and David Leffel. I’ve collected a few DVD’s and books by some of these guys and I aint afraid to use em. So, come next spring let’s see if this opportunity of a little bit of slack time pays off.  I’ll keep ya posted.

16x12 oil on canvas

And this guy with the back pack is some more of kinda sorta the same. But not to worry, I’m not going to stop doing what I’ve been doing all these years  because I still love to get out and paint en plein air. I love how beautiful the world can be and will be a landscape painter forever. And who knows? Maybe I can merge the two and add yet another dimension to what I already do.


6 Responses to “What an opportunity!!”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    Hi from Taos! The workshop went great and now a few days to paint “for me”. There are tons of not only beautiful ladies to paint but people whose faces tell lifetimes we could never imagine! Glad you are up and running again. We’re off to play in those “pennies from heaven” blowing aspen leaves and search for old adobes. Can’t wait to share the georgeous fall. Take care, Vicki

    • Vicki, Well, the work is over and you can just do what ya want to. Make the most of it and gimme a shout when you’re home. 🙂 Good luck!!

  2. Hi Eldon,

    This is a lovely painting. Why shouldn’t you paint in any style
    or any subject that attracts you. Your idea of watching these
    artists in action reminded me that I’ve always wanted CDs by
    Skip Lawrence and Bob Burridge.

    Take good care of yourself,


    • Hi Barbara, thanks. 🙂 That’s just it, I can and I’m going to have a ball in the process. In the beginning I’ll be doing a lot of what Jeff Watts calls gesture portraits. And I’ll probably goof up a bunch of them. To save cost of canvas I’ll probably photograph them and wipe most of them off. If I get something I like I’ll keep it and I’ll post some of the stuff along the way. I’m looking forward to this winter.

  3. That is a great idea Eldon- sometimes working in another genre will push your art to new heights. As fall is winding down and I’m thinking about the long winter ahead, I think I might try some figuative and still life work-sometimes thinking about plein air work in the middle of winter makes me shiver

  4. Hi Sue, I know! I’m a kind of a sissy when it comes to winter plein air. I shiver too. I plan to spend the winter indoors and let the plein air take care of itself later. Cept there’s this week end when the temps will be in the 70’s here. Gotta go one more time. 🙂

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