Druuuuum Rolllll!!!!!

Introducing!!   Debra!

And what she does when she’s being creative.

debrawire wrap

wire wrap

Debra is my wonderful wife. One of her favorite pass times and method of relaxing is to do wire wrap jewelry. She’s been doing it for about five years now and is getting pretty dang good. Most of the time she uses copper or silver wire to wrap anything from glass beads to semi precious stones. She buys the stones already finished and puts a nice wire wrap design on it. The pink stone above is a died stone and the necklace portion is made with pearls, lapiz and died shell.

And she digs tools.

And on the American Impressionist Society front Mitch Baird won Best of show!!   AIS <—– This is a link to the online catalog. Congratulations Mitch!  His piece, “Morning Ensigns, Italy” is one heck of a painting. The judging must have been tough because there was a lot of really great work. Scroll down a ways in the catalog to see my personal favorite “Coyote Valley” by Nancy MacDonald.     Sweet!

I’m working on a piece right now that I’ve been photographing as I go. I’ll post a progression as soon it’s finished. It’s about there so it won’t be too long. Perhaps tomorrow.

Later!  🙂



3 Responses to “Druuuuum Rolllll!!!!!”

  1. Nice work Debra,

    Good to see you. It’s also nice to know the whole family is creative.
    Super blog.

    Take care,


  2. Vicki Barton Says:

    Great picture of Debra! Thank you for the tutorial on wire wrapping. It gives me great ideas for Amelia. The AIS opening was packed and there were even those fun RED dots. Your piece showed really well. It will be great to see the work when there is a little more space. The best part was a great optimistic creative vibe. There was a wide variety of subjects and styles that made for an interesting show at every turn. Hoping to see red on yours when we visit next, Vicki

  3. Great photo Debra! Very nice work too.
    So nice to see you at the AIS opening Eldon; a little thinner following the surgery but lookin’ good. I’m glad you are OK.
    Keep on picking up your brushes!

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