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These Two Guys….

Posted in Uncategorized on December 17, 2009 by Eldon

My friend Peggy says I’ve been neglecting my blog.

She’s right. (somebody has to keep an eye me  ) I put these two progressions (of sorts) in a couple of weeks ago then found I wasn’t feeling particularly talkative so I let them sit for a while. They are both do overs. The piece on the left is a do over of a painting I’d done a ton of years ago and had given to my daughter. She claims it’s her favorite so it wasn’t real easy to talk her into letting me bring it home with me for a while so I could do this other one.

Below (the gray one) is the original. Both are 16×20 inches. Or 20×16 I guess.

I don’t know that one is better than the other. You be the judge, I kinda like em both.

The other is a re-do of a much more recent painting. Some of you will remember it from a few weeks ago. In this case I believe the second is a better piece than the first.

Why?   This piece above is a 7×5 inch painting which dictated smaller shapes of color and/or value. Smaller shapes equate to less expressive brush work and simpler form. The color is also quite a bit stronger in the second piece. I also like the face being longer and narrower. I don’t know if that in itself makes a better painting. Probably a personal thing.  Huh? And aint that a hell of a ceegar?

At any rate this gesture portrait thing is making headway. I’ve taken a few of these to Stoneheart Gallery to see how folks are going to react. Cross yer fingers. When you’re in the Stoneheart site click on STONEHEART SPOT 2.