These Two Guys….

My friend Peggy says I’ve been neglecting my blog.

She’s right. (somebody has to keep an eye me  ) I put these two progressions (of sorts) in a couple of weeks ago then found I wasn’t feeling particularly talkative so I let them sit for a while. They are both do overs. The piece on the left is a do over of a painting I’d done a ton of years ago and had given to my daughter. She claims it’s her favorite so it wasn’t real easy to talk her into letting me bring it home with me for a while so I could do this other one.

Below (the gray one) is the original. Both are 16×20 inches. Or 20×16 I guess.

I don’t know that one is better than the other. You be the judge, I kinda like em both.

The other is a re-do of a much more recent painting. Some of you will remember it from a few weeks ago. In this case I believe the second is a better piece than the first.

Why?   This piece above is a 7×5 inch painting which dictated smaller shapes of color and/or value. Smaller shapes equate to less expressive brush work and simpler form. The color is also quite a bit stronger in the second piece. I also like the face being longer and narrower. I don’t know if that in itself makes a better painting. Probably a personal thing.  Huh? And aint that a hell of a ceegar?

At any rate this gesture portrait thing is making headway. I’ve taken a few of these to Stoneheart Gallery to see how folks are going to react. Cross yer fingers. When you’re in the Stoneheart site click on STONEHEART SPOT 2.



11 Responses to “These Two Guys….”

  1. The new one wins!

  2. Thanks Trixie! I wish I’d taken a little more time photographing the new one. I think the wet surface reflected some light and the colors aren’t quite right. I’ll bring it around one of these days. I don’t expect it to go to a gallery so It’s part of my collection. Glad ya like it.

  3. Sharon Archey Says:

    I like them both, but am not certain if either is better than the other. You’re just GOOD (and also related).

  4. Hi Sharon, That’s the way I’m feelin about it. The painting tho is a little better than the photos tho because I got some reflected light off the wet paint. I’ll photograph it again and re-post it later. I’m glad you like it.

  5. Yes the new ones are so alive, fresh and vivid!! Great work Eldon!

    • Hi Theresa. Good to know you’re doing so well this last year or so. The still life paintings you’ve posted on your blog are awesome. I’m glad you like these two of mine, they’re something of a new thing for me. I’ve attempted painting faces before but never stuck too with it because I was intimidated an unsure of myself. I’m finding they are a lot of fun and am learning pretty quickly.

  6. Great work Eldon — lovely and fresh,

    Thanks for your super support this year. Here’s to an even more
    fantastic year in 2010!

    Take care,


  7. Eldon,
    This is the first time to this site and I have a question. The mountian man looks familiar to me. Have you done this in a different medium in the past. And if this it is the one I am thinking of it is hanging a one of dad’s walls. Am I correct? I do like this work a great deal. Like it better that the one on the left.

  8. Hi Shelly, you’re correct, your dad has one of the mountain man and another like it done a way long time ago in another medium. There’s a fairly long story attached to the image so I’ve sent you an email giving some history. I’m glad you’re looking around in here and hope you’re enjoying all the “stuff” I’ve been doing.

  9. Christmas Mouse Says:

    Terri is right that one was always one of my favorites also. The original is still my favorite. Perhaps because it takes me back to fun times spent with you all. (Even though we did get into some trouble a few times). I love you and it is amazing to see all your wonderful works again. May God guide your hand and make your brush strokes just right.

    • Hi Chris, it’s wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for the well wishes. No one has ever wished me that sort of guidance before. Thanks.

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