Hard To Come By

Colorado goes gray in Winter. Color is hard to come by. Contrast is hard to come by. And now and then inspiration is hard to come by.

Unless I go through the archives and paint from a photo taken of a different season.

The above painting comes from a photograph dredged from such times. Here is the promise of a long warm day after the haze burns off. The breeze is going to warm, the earth is going to warm and I wouldn’t dream of changing anything in the least way. It’ll be a day that I might set up my easel in the middle of an old dusty road like this one and, while I work, listen to as much  life around me as I possibly can. I’d listen to the birds and the bugs, I’d listen to the breeze and maybe the traffic on the four lane a half  mile away. Some people might come by and we’d visit a for a little while about the painting and the weather and how lucky we are to have such a day. Then they’d move on down the road and become a part of my latest and greatest.

But that’s a ways away.

So I’ll show you a piece of winter I do find beautiful and inspiring. And one day this August when the mercury tops 100, then 104,  there’s no doubt I’ll be wishing for something a little cooler.



10 Responses to “Hard To Come By”

  1. Hi Eldon, I bet you are a bit tired of white and grey and other neutral tones. I love both paintings. I like the movement of the water in the 2nd one. Good work as always. Spring really is coming!!!!!


  2. Hi Peg, I sure hope so. I’m getting a little nervous waiting for something to get excited about. How are ya doin? And yeah, the gray is wearing thin.

  3. Eldon- both paintings are really great- I love the water- it is so warm in contrast to the snow- which i can really appreciate just about now!

  4. Hi Eldon,

    Long time no see! I love this painting and the following one too.
    Wish I was there to go out Plein Aire painting with you again and take some lessons. Your work is very inspirational.

    • Leandra!!! Great to hear from you. Long time. The piece we traded for is displayed here in my studio where I can see it all the time. Still love it.

      The season is going to be warming up here soon and I’ll get out to paint more than I have been. I wish too that we were in a position to paint together. Who knows? Yeah?

  5. Wild Eye Gallery changed their venue. At the moment I don’t have any pieces in a gallery. Do have an art rep now that is going to all the big horse shows. We’ll see how that goes.

    I had an accident in December and fractured bones in my lower right leg.
    Had to have surgery and am still recovering! Still can’t walk on it, but do have an aircast and am staring to with a walker. What an ordeal!

    Would like this summer to make a trip up to Evergreen. Miss everyone.
    Hello to your wife and son. And take care. I’m doing some sculpture while I have the time off. Finally feel good enough to be in the studio.

  6. Hi Eldon,

    Can’t believe I didn’t come and tell you these are amazing! They are
    like everything you do. I’ve given you the Sunshine Award, because
    your blog, and your encouraging remarks bring sunshine into my life.

    Take care,


  7. Sharon Archey Says:

    This last picture almost makes me homesick for some Colorado weather up along a mountain stream. Even those manyy years in Ky it resembles many creeks there. very comforting. Wish I were richer than . . . . .I would say better looking but we all know that would be a lie. Just wish I could afford your work. It is wonderful to see. S

    • Hey Cousin Sharon. I guess it’s all relative. I wouldn’t mind painting some place else for a while. It is nice you like my stuff. And you look just fine. 🙂

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