Coming Unstuck

Another week.

You’d think with all the extra time I have on my hands this piece wouldn’t have taken so long. But it did.

I started this a week or better ago and had posted a few of the stages up on Facebook. (some of the problem) And since Facebook is sooooo sloooow this morning I’ll work on this post a little early and surprise the heck out of everybody.

This painting is an old subject for me. I had originally painted it several years ago and though the original is pretty good, somehow it never made it out into the world to find a place of it’s own.

And that’s OK. It has plenty of company here.

And sometimes it’s fun to just paint something a second time.  I do it most often when I’m stuck for a subject. “Stuck” meaning I’m not getting too excited about any of my reference material and the world outside is (as far as I’m concerned) hostile to my style of plein air painting. I’m a pansy. So I go over to the rack, pull something out, and repaint it.

But I believe the outside world may see me tracking around in the snow here soon.  Friends have invited me to paint with them and I’m going to take them up on the offer. I think it’ll get me even more unstuck and it’ll get me to heck out of the house for a day.

Biggest difference? The kids who were playing on the near bank  have waded over to the far bank.  Questions?

Until next week.



11 Responses to “Coming Unstuck”

  1. It’s fun watching your progression through the painting- This is very nice- Eldon- I really like the water!!

    • Thanks Sue. I really like doing water. Doing snow is right in there too but I’m not sure folks would like seeing nothing but snow and water pieces.

  2. Very nice! I love the way the light in the background kept getting lighter and lighter and then positively sunny!
    Don’t fret about getting out. I used to go out in winter a lot but I can’t tolerate it anymore. My fingers go blue and numb and that isn’t good.
    Went out a few weeks ago and it was d__n cold!

    • Hi Leslie, nice painting with you guys yesterday. The weather behaved just fine and no blue fingers. Painting when it’s too cold hampers my efforts anyway.

  3. Things look pretty good in Warrenville.
    – Coni

  4. It feels like I’m watching you paint. That sure is fun.
    Love both the process and the painting.

    Take care,


    • Hi Barbara. I’m glad you like the progressions. I have so many paintings documented now. Maybe I should find a way to put them out as a group somehow.

  5. Like the pupa becoming a butterfly, I like watching how you go from start to finish in your paintings.
    We all go through those uninspired times and I relate to lack of references as inspiration. Big time.

    But you’ve handled this one so well Eldon.

  6. Inspiration. I guess it is a real thing. It seems to have come home now. I hate it when the muse takes a vacation.

    Weeee’rrr Baaaack!!!

  7. I really like this one Eldon. Thanks for sharing. (O:

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