Outdoors and In

This post had painting in it several days ago but between the plein air painting, the after plein air painting naps and the “other” stuff I’ve managed to neglect it. So…. I put in a couple more images to make up for making everyone wait.

The piece above is one of the “outdoor” pieces. This was my first paint trip to that particular location on Bear Creek. Despite the look of it being so cold it was actually pretty comfortable. I left my thermal coveralls  in the car. It was an incredibly brave thing to do for someone who feels about the cold as I do. No Wind.

My friends Wes Hyde and Mark Coulter went with me to a favorite painting spot along Coal Creek. This painting above was painted on another one of those warm cold days. It’s the wind that makes ya hate it! No wind that day either.

And above, an indoor piece. It is a mixture of two photos taken near Salida Colorado. It measures 10×20 inches and will be a part of the next delivery to the Earthwood gallery. I’m beginning to enjoy these foggy pieces.

And the Mamooey sky painting for Stoneheart. I’ve got to do a little edge work on this one and it’s ready to go. It’s a 30×40 inch piece and is an inny painting.

I was amazed at how this painting translated to black and white. It give me an idea how I did with the values.

And this old fat truck is from a photo I took about 30 years ago. It was, of course, on film so I had to scan it and get it to where I could print it out and paint from it. I have a sort of vision of how I want this to work out. Cross your fingers.  I have painter friends who would knock this out in a New York second and make it look fresh and loose. I’ve worked with steel and blue prints for so long I’m going to have to work really hard at keeping it from being hard edged and photo like.  A 12×16 inch inny.



12 Responses to “Outdoors and In”

  1. Vicki Barton Says:

    You did it! What a brave soul with the winter we’ve had. The last two days have made me anxious to get out in the open. Painting is still eluding me but you may have given me the “bug”. Thanks, Vicki

    • Just pick one these days and lets go painting. A warm day would be nice. I still think winter is a mistake of nature. Painting , if the wind is not blowing, in winter really isn’t so bad.

  2. Always good to see what you are up to, Eldon. Nice work, inside or outside but I betcha you prefer to do plein aire work, yes?


  3. I like them all but I think that sky painting is pretty special! Nice mood to it!
    Can’t wait to see the finished truck..

    • Thanks Sue, I’m kinda partial to the sky painting too. It’s a little different for me but I think we may see more of that stuff in the future. The truck will be ok if I can just get over trying to “render” it.

  4. Nice to paint with you yesterday Eldon! It was a beautiful warm “winter” day! I feel the cold too. Could this mean spring is around the corner??
    The Coal Creek piece is my fav!

    • Hi Leslie, It was a good day wasn’t it? I agree with you, the Coal Creek piece is a nice piece. Those are the ones I have a tendency to keep. I think Spring is almost here but I also think if any likes to paint in the snow they’ll get one more chance to paint it really deep.

  5. Connie Holley (Hoffman) Says:

    Hello Eldon,
    I am Doug Hoffman’s sister and just a few min. ago he said I should check your website-How beautiful your pictures are(few I have looked at) Is Coal Creek close to Florence, CO? We have family at Florence- I am in Durango, CO and have been for many years. What a God-given talent you have! I am so glad my bud suggested I look…Much luck in all your brush strokes!

    • Hi Connie, Thanks for dropping in to see my blog. It’s something I should spend more time on instead of being so into FB. FB is fun and I’m making friend all over the world but it takes a lot of time.
      I’m glad you like my work. Feel free to stop in and say hey! There is usually a new post every week or so.

  6. Hi Eldon,

    What incredible paintings. I just keep looking at them and saying, “I love this, oooooo and this too, and wow this too,” and so on.

    You are a great painter. No question about it. Up here it hasn’t been a bad
    winter so far for wind. The wind in Florence in December was something
    fierce. We’ve been lucky, or is it more of what’s not okay with the climate.
    As the line in the song goes, how could something that feels so right be so wrong, but that’s been this winter, short, snow free, and not too cold. Woops.

    Take care,


    • Hi Barbara, thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you are my friend.
      I’m ready for warmth and long days. The plein air has already started for me and it doesn’t usually start for a couple of months yet. I’m starting a series from a place near Evergreen Co. called Elk Meadow. Monday morning I’ll go out and do some plein air to get started. I’ll keep the paintings posted. Wish me luck!

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