Evergreen Demo

Today I drove out to Evergreen and did a demonstration painting at Stoneheart Gallery.

This is what became of it. Mark, the owner of the gallery showed me how to better prepare these photos for the blog. I hope I’ve learned well enough that one could see an improvement over what used to be. (Thank you Mark) These computers are wonderful things if you know what you’re doing I guess. And about half the time I’m lost. Much to the dismay of those of whom I ask dumb questions. But….

…..I can paint a hell of a painting. It makes up for being a little short on the computer end of this business. I hope you enjoy this one, it just kind of came off the brush and made my life easy. I love it when a plan comes together.



10 Responses to “Evergreen Demo”

  1. This is a fantastic painting Eldon- the way you handled the background is amazing—you posted this at 3:49 am- do you sleep?

    • Good morning Sue, Glad you like this one. It may be a keeper.
      I think that wordpress is like FB. Sometimes your post doesn’t show up until several hours later. I posted last night around 8 or so. They could have been updating or something.

  2. Beautiful painting, Eldon. I love it.


  3. Vicki Barton Says:

    Eldon, Yes you can paint and don’t ever doubt it. You have to give people a heads up when you are doing a demo or did you want to have peace and quiet to create? Vicki

    • Hi Vicki!! A demo isn’t peace and quiet. I apologize for not getting the word out better. I posted it on FaceBook but I fail to remember I am not reaching everyone. Sorry about that. It would have been good to see you.

  4. Boy am i proud of you. I would never believe you could do all this. I’m going to get some of mine sent to you soon. I’m not nearly as good as you.

    • Hi Donna!! Thanks. Finally it’s coming together. What I find out every time I learn something is that I’ve so much more to learn. Kinda like life huh? Lookin forward to seein something from you. 🙂

  5. Hi Eldon,

    I thought I’d remarked on this to say — yes you sure can paint a hell of
    a painting, and here’s another example. You are amazing!

    (I must have visited your site, thought I commented and gone back to work.
    Sorry! Your work is fabulous.)

    Take care,


  6. Mary Hicks Says:

    I love your painting, Eldon! I’m a Denver native, so the painting evokes many memories for me. Now transplanted to Massachusetts, I’m always eager for “something Colorado” to bring me home. Thanks for your blog (and thanks to Clay Hinman for being your facebook friend, so I could find it!)

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