One thing leads to another.

This little plein air painting (5×7) was the beginning for what in the end became an 18×24. There was another done at 12×16 inches that was eventually wiped off.

Below is the beginning with a crude drawing in Burnt Umber.

And below still is what finally shook out.  I’m not sure how I feel about this painting. One minute I think it’s alright the next I’m thinking it should go on the shelf. It might be that it’s just not me and I’m having a hard time relating.

If I were true to the idea of putting nothing out that isn’t the best I can do I’d most likely put it up. What makes me want to keep it is it’s part of my new approach of taking home a field study, or studies, and building something from that in the studio. It is good practice at least.


11 Responses to “One thing leads to another.”

  1. Well done Eldon. Its really good and inspiring to others (me) to try this too.
    Best wishes

    • Good Morning Lorna. It’s a fine morning. We had a little rain and it’s fresh around here.
      I’m glad you like this one. I guess I’m too close to it to see whether or not it’s better than a broke stick. It’s not in a style I normally paint.
      I’m trying to follow Scott Christensen’s lead on this “prepare, practice, paint” idea. I just want to paint better.

  2. Hi Eldon, I like this little work. Love to see what you are doing.


    • Hi Peg, how are you guys doing? I expect/hope Jim is even more healed and back to normal.
      I’m happy you like the painting. My question to myself is can I do better than that. Then I guess I ask myself that question every time.

      • Hi Eldon,
        All is well and Jim is doing exceptionally well. It has been nearly 8 weeks since surgery. We both like the little painting. Selling it???


  3. Vicki Barton Says:

    Good to see you are hard at work “practicing”. You get an A. When you did the larger painting the composition changed. In the burnt umberish underpainting I feel like there is a really strong square in the left hand corner that holds my eye in the finished painting. The sketch is much more intimate and “feels” much different than the larger rendition. I may be all wet but you may check it out. I’d like to see the colors in person. Glad you are getting to paint. Vicki

  4. Mornin Vicki,
    Yeah, the small field sketch is a much more intimate version of the larger painting. I had originally wanted to do the piece in the same composition as the sketch but when I got to looking at photos I decided to add more of the river and the far bank. At that point things began to change. If you take just the lower right quarter of the 18×24 it’s pretty much the same as the sketch.

  5. Emily Lincoln Says:

    Love the pallet. I can tell there is beautiful colorado blue sky behind those spring buds!

    • Hello Emily. Thanks. It’s the pallet that is so different from my norm. It’s good to hear some feed back on that score. Things are changing where my work is concerned. I hope that’s a good thing.

  6. It is a good thing! Nothing is so constant as change.
    I like that you are challenging yourself and still learning. I like your new approach. I’ve never been successful at making a small field sketch into a larger studio piece; so I admire what you are attempting. I love the colors and “feel” of the small sketch. If you could capture the same feeling in the larger one, you’ve got it made!

  7. Hi Eldon,

    I say keep it. Not me could be the new you, and this has energy, exciting colour and wonderful exuberance and joy. I don’t know, but I’d say that makes
    it a keeper. Take a chill pill as the kids say and realize how great you

    You rock!


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