This months “Last Friday” at Stoneheart Gallery.

This months “Last Friday”  event (April 30) at Stoneheart Gallery in Evergreen Colorado is featuring Yours Truly as the main attraction for the evening. I’ve worked up five special paintings for the event from Elk Meadows, an open space area north of Evergreen.

The event title is ” Seasons in Elk Meadows “.  The evening will run from 5 to 8 P.M.

Stoneheart Gallery. Click on the link and when you get to the site click on Events.

I crossed paths with this lady and her companion at Elk Meadows one day this last winter when I was out there gathering reference material. She didn’t want too much to do with me but considering she was alone and I was alone I don’t blame her. Still she and her dog begged to be painted and this is what came from the encounter. Titled:  “Companions”  12×9 inches

“Hikers On Elk Ridge Trail”, 18×24 inches, was from an earlier trip last year during the summer. I had been commissioned to do a piece of the barn in Elk Meadows with Bergen Peak in the back ground and it wasn’t long before I came to appreciate the beauty of the area and it’s paintableness. Is that a word? Probably not but it’s a wonderful place to go set up an easel and do a little painting. This was done from a plein air piece and repainted here in my studio. There are two more pieces finished in the series.

The barn is the subject of this last piece in the series. It’s “beeg”! At least for me as it’s 24×48 inches. I’ve been photographing as I go so I have a nice progression of the process. The image below is  the fist stage of the painting. You’re gonna like this one. It’s nearly finished.

A couple of other pieces that will be on the wall. The snow scene is from Bear Creek just a way down the hill from Evergreen. The cloud is one our famous Colorado sunsets. Both pieces measure 30×40 inches. I think.  🙂

Any way!…You are all invited to come see us in Evergreen on the 30th of April.  5 to 8 P.M.

Stoneheart Gallery

28005 Highway 74  (in the heart of down town Evergreen)

Evergreen Colorado




10 Responses to “This months “Last Friday” at Stoneheart Gallery.”

  1. It looks like you’ll have a terrific exhibit! I hope to make the opening. I’d lke to see these paintings up close. Elk Meadow is lovely and what a great place to paint.

    • Hi Jeanne, it would be so cool if you can make it out. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a chance to visit. I hope to see you on the 30th.

  2. They all look great Eldon- I still think the sky is my favorite. If paintableness isn’t a word -then it should be- it is a good word for plein air painters- I’m going to start using it in my painting vocabulary!

    • Thanks Sue, I’m pretty happy with the Sky piece too. I hope to do more as the summer wears on. My camera need to become a piece of my anatomy.

  3. Vicki Barton Says:

    You did it! It is a great offering and the woman with dog had nothing to fear. We wish you the best of luck and are sorry to miss the festivities but we’re heading west. Tell Mark hi and wish him a great season. Vicki

  4. They are beauties…I really love the woman with the dog! Much luck with the show and I wish I could be there!!

    • Hi Theresa, It would be cool if you were able to be here. Tell you what, I’ll have a glass of wine for you and will toast all my friends.

  5. Clay Hinman Says:

    Companions won’t last long on the auction block. Some artist’s paintings are lucky to capture the form. Some show the mood. This one captures both in the moment. Kudos.

    • Mornin Clay, I have been getting a pretty good response to Companions. I didn’t realize how strong the piece may really be. Sometimes it takes feed back from viewers before an artist gets a handle on what he’s done.

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