Finished for Friday.

This went out to Evergreen today along with 4 others as part of the Elk Meadows Series. It’s still wet. Hopefully by Friday it’ll be dried up well enough. It measures 24×48 inches and is titled “Elk Meadows Barn”.

I know. What an original title that is!!    But that’s what it is. It’s the Elk Meadows Barn. I doubt anyone who has ever been by the place would fail to recognize it. This is the view from the high-way.

Everyone is invited! Friday April 30 from 5 to 8 P.M.   Stoneheart Gallery,  28005 highway 74, Evergreen Co.   303-670-0565


4 Responses to “Finished for Friday.”

  1. Hi Eldon, nice painting once again. I will be in Seattle at the time of this show but my very best wishes to you.
    Best regards


  2. Hey Eldon- all your paintings are great! I wish I could make it to your show- have fun! Make lots of sales!!

  3. How about an update on the Evereen opening? I just got a minute to check your blog and no news. I’ve gathered tons of “practice” ideas. Wupatki ruins at sunset last night were unbelievable! Vicki

  4. Well Vicki. I found the post we thought was lost. It got stuck in a filter. I think it’s going to work now so if you want to test it, please do.

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