From the Graveyard

It’s not what the title might lead one to believe with Halloween just around the corner but Fright Day IS coming and I’ll post some weird stuff for everyone in a few days in honor of that frightful occasion but for now I’ll post a piece from the tractor graveyard.

I was in Pueblo a week or so ago and was exploring South East of the city hoping to find a place to set up my easel and maybe take a few photographs.Β  Seems I got skunked in the painting arena but I did manage a few photos. This painting was done from a photo I took as I passed Mr. No Trespassings place. I think the guy is a little narrow minded (for the record I think there should be a law passed allowing an artist to have access to anything anywhere anytime) but what the heck, my camera gets things to come up close, so I stuck it as far across the fence as I could and snapped a photo of what I call a real tractor.

David Leffel showed me this block in method of getting a painting started several years ago. A while back I saw another artist doing the same thing so Naturally I thought I’d see if I could make it work with this old tractor.Β  πŸ™‚

The under painting is just Alizarin Crimson and the block in is a mixture of that and Sap Green. It makes a heck of a Burnt Sienna. Anyway, once the initial block in was finished I just started modeling the tractor to be more and more dimensional. The block in lead to color and I just kept modeling and refining shapes until it seemed the plan had come together. It was fun.

No title yet. I’m considering “Lurch”. Not because it can but because it wants to.


10 Responses to “From the Graveyard”

  1. Oh Eldon this one is just gorgeous and Jim likes this one a lot. Reminds him of the old tractor he used to drive at the farm when he was young.

    Nice colors and fun to see. Im sure it was fun to paint as well. Snow yet?


    • Hi Peg, Thanks. This tractor came from a field with several others. I think I’ll go back and do some more photographing. Snow in the mtns. but non down here.

  2. Fun to see the progression. Really nice little painting! How ’bout “Out to Pasture?” πŸ™‚ Enjoyed this post!

  3. Hey Eldon- What a beauty! I recently began to use a similar method and have found that it is a great way to loosen up and plot your course of action. Then I took Dan’s workshop and he is a direct painter- no blocking in at all- so- I’ll try my block in method and compare it to the workshop and tell you what I think so far. Next workshop is Ken Bacchas in April- it will be plein air , with an emphasis on using the small plein air to paint a larger piece from it.

  4. I love this Eldon, and I love the title too. I love the warmth of this.

    Take care,


  5. Its really good Eldon. The warm/cool contrasts are great and the light. I like the way you placed the tractor higher up too. Thanks for sharing. (O:

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