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Starting A Tractor

Posted in Uncategorized on April 28, 2011 by Eldon

As promised here are the two videos  showing you how I started (and finished) a tractor. My computer took about 15 seconds to load and start each part of the demo so give it just a bit to start for you. It’s worth it. Also there is no audio that’s worth listening to since I had the radio on in the background and I don’t say anything. Turning down the volume will keep you from having to listen to a very bad  sound track. The video is pretty cool though.

Below is the newest piece on the home easel. It has a way to go but it should be complete in the next couple of days and I’ll post the rest of it then.

The initial drawing using Bright Red by Winsor Newton.

Starting to lay in some color here. This scene is very cloudy so I’m using a lot of blue and gray. I have a gray by HOC called Grey of Grey that I’m mixing in so I don’t have to mix a gray with yellow or red in it.

More of the same.

And this is where I’m at right now. Probably I’ll work on it a little more this afternoon because in a few minutes I’m outta here to do some plein air painting with some buddies. Stay tuned for the rest of this one and, if it turns out I did a  good job in the field, the plein air piece I hope to do. Cross your fingers.

See ya next time!! Happy days!!



I’m Baaaack!! Jamissme?

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Yep, it has been a while. My hiatus was both good and bad. Good in that it was a much needed  break and bad that it was such a long one. Oh well, what’s a guy to do but get started again and say “HEY!” to all his friends?


Last winter seemed to go on forever. I was one of the gazillion or so hard working  Americas experiencing the recession and a long period of time out of work. I painted plein air a lot while doing the job search and managed a few paintings in the studio as well. As the winter wore on even that slowed to a snails pace and eventually it all but came to a halt in early February. Oh well, “Changes” is the new word and I’m back and busy with the business of art. I’m still unemployed so I’ve made the decision to push harder to market my creative endeavors.

That means new work, new prices and new galleries.         And, below, a new medium to compliment the old.

Title: Fog at Red Rocks       This is actually a color photograph. If you look closely at the dark rock shape upper left you’ll see a tiny bit of the rust color that makes the Red Rocks area just west of Denver so beautiful. It was one of those gray days and all the color simply disappeared.

And!!  Druuuuuum roll!!   Some of the same ole same ole from this last few months!!!  Three pieces done while the winter crept on, doing it’s best to drive us all nuts and keeping Spring out of our reach. Well, I got news for it, it didn’t work…..totally.  🙂

Anyway, first is a plein air piece done near Sadalia Co. with a group of plein air painting friends.

12×16 inches  titled: “Beaver Dam”  This maybe deserves to be a larger painting. We’ll see. I’d love to go back this Spring in the GREEN!! and see what it looks like.

And below!!  A piece taking half the season to get to and then get finished.

18×24 inches titled “Clear Creek”  (Wes’ Bend looking East)

And last but not least is new subjects.

18×24 inches untitled    I’ve discovered I like painting the old vehicles and that I’m not too bad at it. (curtsies)

I ( “I” meaning I couldn’t have done it without  my wife Debra) produced a short video recently titled “How to Start a Tractor”. It’s in 2 parts and it’s out there on the net somewhere. I’ll post a link in the next installment of my ramblings for everyone to see.

And very last:   I have always had a price list for this stuff in the upper right list of links on this page. I’m not crazy about raising prices but it has been a few “years” since I’ve done it. A new price list will replace this one soon. Probably in the next couple of weeks. Until I get it all figured out, if anyone is interested in purchasing any of my work, I’ll honor this current price list until I get the changes made. The changes will be substantial I’m afraid. We’ll be updating the web site as well.

Until next time…..HAPPY DAYS!!!!!! IT”S GETTIN GREEN!!!