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Finished and Finished

Posted in Uncategorized on May 18, 2011 by Eldon

The painting above (18×24 inches) is the final stage of the painting sequenced in my last blog post.  Not too bad but nothing to write home about either. What I have the most problem with is the less than interesting cloud flattening out the top third of my canvas. The longer I stared this thing down the more aware I became of my need to DO IT OVER!

Seems I do that a lot but I have found in most cases it’s worth it and beyond that, for this one anyway, necessary. So….

this is how I began my re-do of what’s above. The canvas is 36×48 inches and is museum stretched canvas. The “wash” is a mixture of Raw Umber and a little Cad Orange.

I wasn’t planning to post a progression of this one so I only took one photo of how the top portion was laid in. My friend, Kirk Larsen, asked for a sequence so I took a few more pictures of the rest of the process.

I’m not sure why I worked from the top down on this one. Maybe it was my preoccupation with that cloud but it seemed to work and I painted

and finished as I went.

So, this is the second finish for this piece. Much better, yeah?

Have a great week!