Finished and Finished

The painting above (18×24 inches) is the final stage of the painting sequenced in my last blog post.  Not too bad but nothing to write home about either. What I have the most problem with is the less than interesting cloud flattening out the top third of my canvas. The longer I stared this thing down the more aware I became of my need to DO IT OVER!

Seems I do that a lot but I have found in most cases it’s worth it and beyond that, for this one anyway, necessary. So….

this is how I began my re-do of what’s above. The canvas is 36×48 inches and is museum stretched canvas. The “wash” is a mixture of Raw Umber and a little Cad Orange.

I wasn’t planning to post a progression of this one so I only took one photo of how the top portion was laid in. My friend, Kirk Larsen, asked for a sequence so I took a few more pictures of the rest of the process.

I’m not sure why I worked from the top down on this one. Maybe it was my preoccupation with that cloud but it seemed to work and I painted

and finished as I went.

So, this is the second finish for this piece. Much better, yeah?

Have a great week!



11 Responses to “Finished and Finished”

  1. Hi Eldon,

    I actually like both of them. I like the cloud that has no definition because I’ve seen that. In the rainy weather we’re having I saw it just the other day.
    But I also love the one that pleases you more. And of course I see what you
    wanted to achieve and did so well. Kudos to you.

    Your friend in Toronto,

    • Hi Barbara!! Thanks. Absolutely. I like things about both of these and probably could have lived with the first one. It was a real learning thing for sure. Sometimes I just feel the need to improve on what went before. I love it when a plan comes together. 🙂

  2. Eldon, this is way much better in so many ways and areas. Its a really well executed work. Congratulations on a work well done.
    Best to you always

    • Hi Lorna! Thank you. Sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do, right? I can relax a little now that I put it the way I had hoped for originally.

  3. Beautifully accomplished, Eldon. I’m with you on making the scene compositionally improved. This is lovely and fresh and well done.

    • Hey Jill, Thanks. Yes, it’s the same but different and better for it in general. Improvement is always the name of the game.

  4. It’s an extension of the confidence and clarity of vision develops as a plein air artist. You Knew where it needed to go and as you said you had the cloud in your cross hairs so “BAM-PAINT IT UP A NOTCH!” Cool work! It must be so much more rich in person.Cool work!

    • Yes, sometimes a plan just comes together. 🙂 And you’re right, the plein air time is certainly time well spent. It sharpens the edge so to speak.

  5. I definitely like the new and improved version Eldon- there are just enough peek throughs so that you can see the mountain and know it is there.

    • Mornin Sue! Thanks. I’ve got several more of these big ole canvases. I think I’ll start another. I kind of enjoy them at this size. One of these days even bigger. Katie bar the door!!

  6. Hi Eldon, I like both paintings but although the cloud in the top picture may look just like that, it is a bit too much. I covered the top quarter of the art and it looked better. I like the 2nd picture better. Glad to see you painting and having fun


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