An oldie but a goodie!!

An oldie but a goodie. I can relate.

This piece has been around for a little while. It has been put up and I recently found this photo of it. I thought I’d post it and see what “yall” think. It’s one of my favorite plein air pieces. It was done during a plein air competition in Manitou Springs, Colorado. I guess I’m gettin the itch to do some flower work with it finally being Spring and all. So ….




5 Responses to “An oldie but a goodie!!”

  1. Very nice Eldon. I didnt know you did flowers.

    • Hi Lorna!! Yeah, one of my favorite things to paint. Now that it’s Spring time I’ll probably get started with them again.

  2. That’s beautiful, Eldon!

    • Hi Nicole, thanks. This was done from a smaller painting. The small painting wasn’t a plein air tho so I don’t know how that figures into the plein air studio mix think but….. 🙂 snicker snicker.

  3. I love this Eldon!

    BTW, is that plein air paint-out still happening in Manitou?

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