About Me

Painting in Southeastern Colorado

Painting in Southeastern Colorado

When I was a youngster I roamed the prairies, the river bottoms and the back roads. Today my paintings are nearly all about those kinds of places. My impressionist style is about bigger brush strokes, softer edges and less detail allowing me to capture the essence of my subject without saying too much.



When someone looks at one of my paintings I’d like them to be able to add their experience to what I’ve done and feel the small tug inside that says, “I think I’ve been there.” When I’ve made that kind of connection I’m happy.    




5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Eldon – it was great having the chance to meet you this past weekend at the Louden ranch. Fran [Dodd] and I really enjoyed out time with Willard and Mary Ann – Fran’s known them for 25 years, me 10 less, and regretted not being able to stay over but we both had very busy Sundays scheduled.

    You had asked to be kept advised about my workshop No More Starving Artists – I just scheduled one for Alamosa in January. I’ll be glad to send you specifics if this isn’t too far away for you.

    Hope to see you on another outing and at the exhibit/auction. Allan

  2. Lisa Dubrovich Says:

    I recently purchased an artist’s proof in watercolor of yours called “Drippin’ Slickers” after I fell in love with it. I hate to tell you this, but I actually found it at an antique gallery! (Great find for me…not so sure it will thrill you!) It was in a pretty dated orange mat and frame, which I had reframed. Everyone at the framer’s fell in love with it. Can you give me some history behind the painting? And, by the way, thank you for creating something that we all love. To us, it is the essence of the west and the cowboy!

  3. Hi Lisa, I’m glad you’ve given Slickers a home. An antique shop in Englewood isn’t too far from where it started out. It’s sort of like it was waiting for the right person to come by and pick it up. I’m glad you did.

  4. HI Eldon!
    I’ve been wanting to write you an e-mail directly, but can’t seem to quite find your e-mail address on the blog here, although it may be staring me right in the face so forgive me if I’ve just missed it. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you SO much for taking the time to look at my blog and for your words of encouragement to me along the way!. It has meant even more to me because I really love your art and find it very beautiful – so I am honoured that you have taken the time to look and comment on my stuff. PLUS your work is often of subjects in Colorado, where I am from – so I see my old haunts and it makes me yearn for that wild beauty that is Colorado and the American west, – it moves me. I am feeling pretty tentative about putting my own stuff on line, am new to the blog world, and new to showing my art, so it’s very encouraging to have your kind words along the way! Thank you! I will be following your blog regularly and look forward to seeing the gifts of your paintings as they unfurl in front of us. Wishing you all the best from an transplanted Coloradan now living in France, Aliaena

  5. Peggy wilson Says:

    The web as it is, I started with Joshua Been and saw your name, Eldon. Born in Eldon MO, I moved to your blog out of curiosity. I love your work! I really appreciate the photos you have taken of stages, starting with the blocking in and value study. Thank you for all of your very interesting posts. I am also a painter, and can use all the suggestions of help I can find. Peggy

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