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and delivered to Stoneheart Gallery in Evergreen Co.

I have a set of progressive photos for this one and I’d put them in this post if WordPress wasn’t being such a pain in the butt. I can make only one photo work correctly and all my text gets put into one place upper right. For instance this text was supposed to be below the photo. Oh well…..maybe next time.

I’ll keep tryin…



Western Light

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The 7th of August is the opening for “Western Light“.

Our normal plein air competition in Estes Park hit a snag this year so the event, for me, has changed. Earthwood Collection, my Estes Park gallery is presenting a show they’ve titled “Western Light” and on Tuesday I’m delivering paintings. Of course it’s as always. I’m still not sure as of today what I’ll be taking. I’m thinking about half a dozen pieces. The work can be, but doesn’t have to be, plein air or it can be straight out of the studio and  hot off the easel. I think this new idea for Earthwood’s annual August show is a good one and I’ll bet we put together one hell of a show. So…….

This is one I’m sure is going to Estes Park.

As I get this figured out I’ll post some more.  Go back a post or two and have a look at the post “Less Traveled”. The piece with that title is going too.


First World Wide Viral Group Exhibit

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The You Tube video below is a brand new on line art show. I’m in there at the very end I think. Have a look. It’s a beautiful show. <—–click this link to go to the web site. The site has a list of all the artists and links to their blogs or web sites. Happy looking!! Enjoy the FEAST!

Less Traveled and a short

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The You Tube video below is a brand new on line art show. I’m in there at the very end I think. Have a look. It’s a beautiful show.

This piece above  is titled “Back Lit”. It measures 30×40 inches. I had hoped to post a painting sequence for this one but my computer refuses to give it up. Where ever it might be in there I hope it gives the darn thing gas.

“Less Traveled”, below, is the title of a piece just recently finished. It’s kinda big and I’m really getting hooked on doing these large canvases.  (this one being 36×48)   I know….that aint so big for some folks but for this painter it’s a step outside what’s normal and it was a lot of fun.

Anyhow! I thought it would be cool to share the process on this one. It’s on one of those canvases stretched on the wide stretcher so this big ole thing doesn’t need a frame. Part of the process of preparation was to paint a frame, sort of, on it so there’s a border to help keep the viewer inside the borders of the canvas. I’ll post a photo or two of that too.

This is the start. There’s a tan border painted around the outside edges done with acrylic tube paint. The tan color is wrapped around the front edge to the back edge of the canvas. The Cadmium Orange under painting is also brushed on with acrylic paint.

A half inch in from the edge, on the front, there’s a very light pencil line that I follow with the blue tape. It’s the same stuff we put around our windows when we aren’t steady enough to keep the paint off the glass. Next thing is just paint paint paint and not worry about the edges. I think though if the paint applied were to be too thin it might run under the edge of the tape and it would for sure ruin the effect so I mix fairly thick. Be careful if you decide to try it.  When the piece is all done, even when it’s wet, just peel off the tape and wah-la! a nice little frame. Sorta.

A sketch for starters and some of my darkest darks closer up going to a  blue in those distant trees. So far I’ve established three layers (or planes) of distance with the dark trees on the left being closest, the not so dark pines on the right and the blue pines the farthest back for now.  My palette is the same as always with exception of a little patch of Ivory Black. The rest of the colors are: Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Cadmium Orange, Bright Red, Ultramarine Blue, Sap Green and Burnt Sienna.

This  foggy area is going to be the last plane going back. I’ll get this area in and at the same time I’ll brush into the wet paint a few trees that are nearly disappearing into the fog. In reality you may be able to count several planes in this area but for this demo I’ll call it one since I’m painting it in there all at once.

There it is. That’s about as far back as we’re going to go. I started with those darks and painted into the distance on purpose. Each lighter value takes us further into the painting and this start, dark to light and strong to pale,  helped me to control depth by comparing each value with the one before as I went along. (see, it IS all about contrast)

I wish I had taken more photographs of this part of the process. I got carried away having so much fun and remembered only when it was almost too late. It’s a lot the same  coming forward as it is going into the background. In this case the color became a little stronger and richer the nearer I got to the bottom of the canvas.

And most of you know by now I love painting roads. Maybe that’s why I got in such a hurry. Another couple of hours is going to finish this piece.

This photo above is exposed about right so it’s nearest what the painting really looks like. I signed it lower right and it will soon be hanging in Estes Park at Earthwood Collections Gallery. I hang at Earthwood as a regular but this painting and a few others will be part of a special show  hanging  there through August and September. The opening is Aug. 7th. The link above will get you to the Earthwood site and there’s a link on there to get you to the show site. This one ought to get you to the show site.

After the tape is peeled off there’s a nice hard edged framey kind of thing bordering the entire image. Looks sharp!


It’s all about contrast.

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Hi everyone. Here’s a contrast for ya!! One week I’m not bothering anyone and the next week I am.

But seriously folks…since you’re here let me show you a few more examples of contrast from the last year. Hover over each photo to see a brief description of these seven sets of contrasting photos.

I got lucky with the rose. Probably one my luckiest/best photos ever.

I’ll take my south country every time.

I wasn’t comfortable either of these places.

The flowers just kept going.

I painted the south country view a few years ago.

230 miles apart

And that’s what I love about Colorado. Contrast!!

Soon a whole bunch more of Vicki’s garden. Awesome! And I was allowed to go paint. It doesn’t get much better’n that.



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Practicing, preparing and painting to the highest level equals PLAY! As far as I’m concerned the 4th P may be the most important of  all. (With the exception perhaps of the one needed in the field)

Anyway, you get the picture. I’m serious about those 3 P’s and incorporating them into my routine but the 4th is most important to me. If I can’t have a little bit of fun smooshing and digging around in those piles of juicy paint while the radio blasts rock and roll what good is it?

Below is the latest piece off the easel. It’s a 30×40 done after the 12×16 in my last post. No guts no glory right? It was properly practiced, properly prepared and hopefully properly painted. PLAY took care of it’s self.  Look closely and have fun, it’s in there.


P….ractice, P….repare, P…aint

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That’s what the man said, practice at the highest level, prepare at the highest level and paint at the highest level. Let’s see if I can make it work. Hide and watch I guess. 🙂

practice….                                                 plein air

practice….                           studio

prepare….                                                    studio

prepare….                                                 studio

Now, let’s see what happens when I paint. I keep hearing 30×40 in my head but an 18×24 sounds better to the other me. This little one above is 12×16 inches on stretched canvas. Palette: Titanium White, Burnt Sienna, Cad Yellow Pale, Transparent Orange, Bright Red, Ultramarine Blue, Sap Green, Ivory Black. All are Winsor Newton except the Transparent Orange which is made by Gamblin. (thanks Nicole)