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What The Heck Was I Thinkin?!! :)

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Most of the painters who read this post will probably relate.

12x16 oil on canvas

Every once in a while we have to prove  to ourselves that we have even a smidgen of talent. A run of bad luck, whether it’s bad days or poor choices, leaves us with a twisted face wondering what the heck were we thinkin! We think we “had” it once (maybe) and it aint never coming back. Let the wailing and gnashing commence! 


Taking a step forward leaves us with a feeling of confidence that, perhaps finally, we’ve paid our dues to the art world. We’ve arrived one more time so those big guys just as well move over and make a little room for the latest talent.


A run of poor luck has just the opposite effect.


And we work and sweat and muddle around trying to resurrect one painting after another until we’re totally sure we’ve been kiddin ourselves. (perhaps for years)  We throw good paint after bad. We think another piece of paint in just the right place or a stroke born of geniuse is going to pull an entire painting together. Then in the end we (I do anyway) wipe and scrape until what we were trying to do is unrecognizable and the canvas becomes a square frisbee that careens wildly off the neighbors picket fence!!!


I could turn this studio into a nice den or put some wieghts down here and get back into shape like I used to be. I wouldn’t have to deal with the framer any more and I’d most likely have a little more money in the bank. You’d think we’d learn our lesson and retire from this business of painting.


But we don’t do we?  Because we keep at it until something turns around and we can feel good about what we’re doing again.


Then its:     What?!!  Quit?!!  What the heck was I thinkin?!! Aint it great when a plan comes together?  🙂 It aint no Schmid but it aint bad.