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Evergreen Demo

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Today I drove out to Evergreen and did a demonstration painting at Stoneheart Gallery.

This is what became of it. Mark, the owner of the gallery showed me how to better prepare these photos for the blog. I hope I’ve learned well enough that one could see an improvement over what used to be. (Thank you Mark) These computers are wonderful things if you know what you’re doing I guess. And about half the time I’m lost. Much to the dismay of those of whom I ask dumb questions. But….

…..I can paint a hell of a painting. It makes up for being a little short on the computer end of this business. I hope you enjoy this one, it just kind of came off the brush and made my life easy. I love it when a plan comes together.



Triple Stack

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I saw this approach on another blog a few days ago where the artist cropped an image and then blew up the crop. She did it a couple of times until anyone looking at the piece got a close up of part of the original painting. What I got from it was a chance to get nearly nose to nose with some of the brush strokes in important areas. Neat idea. So here is my version to get you up close.

12x9 oil on canvas

This image took me  a while longer than the half hour Jeff Watts takes to do his “gesture portraits”. I suppose in time I’ll be coming in closer to that time but for now all that seems important is getting a feel for what I’m doing, then getting my times down later. That and I don’t want a bunch of half finished paintings cluttering the place up.


A little more in your face and giving you a better idea of the surface of the painting and the brush work. This piece is pretty rough. The paint was applied with an old cheap brush giving each stroke a sort of stringy textured appearance.


Some of you may have a way to blow this view up even further. If you can, give it a shot and see the abstract quality of a very small area. It gets kind of chicken scratchy at that point. Have fun and we’ll see ya next week. Who knows what will crop up between now and then.


Don’t Confuse Em

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That’s what they tell me. “Don’t confuse them!” What they’re tryin to tell me is “Stick to the landscapes, everyone already knows yer landscapes.” I guess if I throw something else in the mix I’m gonna confuse everybody. Folks are gonna walk away scratchin their heads mutterin something about how confused they are and Geez Louise! that Eldon has gone like totally nuts. Well Nuts is as Nuts does.  🙂

I can’t believe anybody followin my stuff is that soft headed. So……….I’ve taken to the task of learning this portrait thing and I’m gonna post at least a few of em. The painting below is  7×5 inches and it took me about 45 minutes.

5x7 gesture portrait

A little while back I purchased a video by Jeff Watts. Jeff demonstrates what he calls “Gesture Portraits”. He gives himself a half hour or so to paint a small gesture of someones face not worrying about a likeness but getting the essence of his subject onto the canvas and of course making it look way easy.  He’s good at it.  He demos nine little paintings that are totally beautiful. It seems in the video he is working from photos as all we get to see of the model is a still photograph. There is something caricature like about all nine of his paintings. Each subject has his/her own peculiar props and he seems to endow each of them with their own quirky little personality. And as such I’m not sure I’d go 100% with the gesture portrait title.  Caricature may be more like it. (personal opinion)

The piece below is 16×12 inches. It’s a little big for a gesture portrait and I set no time limit so I  don’t believe it really falls into the gesture category. It’s a pretty nice piece tho. It’s done from a photo I took of a little girl at the quick draw in Estes Park a couple of years ago.

16x12 oil on canvas

Still….no matter what ya call it I find what he’s doing hugely exciting.  There’s nothin stuffy about these lively, energetic gestures so I’m going to follow his lead and see if I can learn something that’ll translate into something that looks like Eldon Warren did it. So far so good! This post contains the first couple for me. Cross yer fingers that this gets easier.


American Impressionist Society

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Hey! The American Impressionist Society show is being held in Denver this year at Saks Galleries. I managed to sneak one in and delivered it today. The opening is this next Friday, Oct. 23rd from 5 to 8 p.m. The location is:  Saks Galleries, 3019 E. 2nd Ave, Denver, Colorado. I know all the folks around here close have seen my stuff already but beyond that it would be a great opportunity to see some of the best impressionist work from around the country. There were nearly 700 entries and 189 pieces were juried in so the show is no doubt going to be a good one. So….. I’m looking forward to seeing a bunch of you locals and near locals at the show. Quang Ho is judging.

For all of you but  especially for those way outta town the link above will take you to the Saks Galleries web site. In the lower left corner of the opening page is a big white dot with the letters AIS inside.   Click on that for a preview of the entire show. I’m impressed.

And below, offered as a bit of proof that I’m getting back on my feet after surgery and getting something done in the studio are a couple of paintings. One is a plein air that kinda went south the day I did it and the other is a remake of it  I think to be nearly finished.

First (some of you may remember this one from an earlier post) the not so great plein air:

12x16 oil on canvas

And following is the 18×24 piece done from the plein air.

18x24 oil on canvas

A big improvement so I guess the time spent in the field wasn’t a waste. The original had a couple of people in it so I put them in here as a matter of following my own lead. I’m not sure though if they are actually right for this piece. What I’m thinking of is to paint them out and place in a few cows instead. There’s something peaceful (for me at least) about looking into a pasture and seeing a few cows just grazing away, quiet, no cares, no hurry, nothing but time. And the evening is my favorite time of day.


Was I in any real danger?

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We had a good day at Stoneheart. My friends Vicki and Jim and Clay and Barbara dropped in to see the goings on. We painted for about 4 1/2 hours and this is the result. I say “we” because it was a collaborative effort. We had a long afternoon discussion (lively) about this painting as it took shape. We discussed things like where to put a particular shade of violet or what was going to happen to my fingers if I kept messing around in certain areas. We all eventually saw the moose and though the rabbit has been painted out it is not forgotten. Thank Vicki for that nice cool hue along the top of the roof and the violet in the shadows just to the left of the house and thanks goes to Jim for finding the moose. Mark (gallery owner) is to be commended for his wonderful  imagining of the beautiful lady in the house. All in all it took a bunch of us to get this painting done. Thanks for the help guys, I couldn’t have done it alone. 🙂  To be sure though, all kiddin aside, this painting would not be as nice a piece if my friends hadn’t been there to lend a hand and threaten me from time to time as they did. I had fun.

18x24 oil on canvas/demo

I met a lot of nice people in the mean time.  Daniel Voigt and his family came by.  Daniel is one of my fellow artists in the gallery. He does large abstract pieces <—— that are totally wonderful.  Andree Hudson was in for a while too.  She paints WOW! Take a look. Her painting,

Blue Fire” <——  is awesome.

Next week begins the Estes Park Plein Air Competition. It’ll be busy busy after that. Keep your fingers crossed, I haven’t been out much to paint and I’m rusty. I’ll keep ya posted.


Another Demo Day at Stoneheart Gallery

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on August 2, 2009 by Eldon Hi! It’s a day late but not forgotten.. I went painting last evening and I came home worn out so I elected to let this blog thing slide for a day. Anyway, I’m back and I want to tell ya about the Demo next Saturday, Aug. 8th, at Stoneheart Gallery in Evergreen. The image below is from a week ago at Stoneheart, it’ll give ya some idea of what you can expect next week. The above link will take ya to some info. It’s a ning kind of thing and you can sign in if you already have a ning account. If you don’t, you can set up a password and you can come back any time and see what’s going on in the social. You can leave comments about what’s in there (or what’s not) and there’s a chat so you can talk to others doin the ning thing. OR! You can choose not to do any of that and just show up on Saturday and we’ll paint and have a good time anyway. Mark King, gallery owner, is our host.

demo 12x24 oil

It’s going to be a very laid back informal event. Anyone who would like to come out and see us can come for a little while or they can stay all day. I’m setting up around 11:00 A.M. and will try to make it last until around 5:00. <—this is the Stoneheart site.

Below is the painting I did last night. It’s pretty rough. I got there when the sun was just inches from going behind a bunch of trees. I recorded as much as I could before my subject was in shadow so things are a little less careful than normal. Which is OK since I intend to use it just for reference when I start a larger version this evening. Sometimes I want a plein air piece that will stand by itself and sometimes I just need reference material. I needed a plein air fix last night though so I really wasn’t thinking about it too much either way. This is what I got and I like the scene well enough to do it again and take some care with it.

12x16 plein air oil

So… this particular painting, being one I’m not totally crazy about, leads to one that I am. This (below) was a “last week painting” in the studio done from a photo taken in S.E. Colorado last summer. For those of you in the area it’s just south of hi-way 50, between Rocky Ford an LaJunta. I may keep this one. There’s something about the light I like.

10x20 oil

Talk to ya soon.


Home Coming

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Wow! I finally got a Saturday off. I spent it going to Estes Park and delivering a dozen paintings to my gallery there, Earthwood Collections.

I brought home a bunch of them that have been accumulating there for quite a while. 19 of them to be specific. And some of them are very very nice pieces. I’m glad to have them home.

18x24 oil on canvas

“South of Jackson”  One of my favorite pieces. Done from a photo taken the year I was lucky enough get into the Arts For The Parks show. 2004?  We made a trip to Jackson to see the show and this was the show nature was showing us. I can’t believe this one hasn’t found a home.  Maybe it has.  

18x24 oil on canvas

“The Hush of Winter”, above, is one I brought home today. It is yet another version of my favorite place to paint when I’m in Rocky Mountain National Park. The river is Fall River and this stand of trees is just around the corner from the turn off into Endo Valley. Some of you are going to know right where this is. I’ve done this little patch of pine trees at least a dozen times from one view or another and I’ve no doubt I’ll do another dozen. Yes it was cold but I was only out in it long enough to take a photograph.

18x24 oil on canvas

And last but not least ladies and gentlemen for your viewing pleasure!! (I used to think I wanted to be a Carnie) “Sunset In Black Forest”.  From an area south of here near Colorado Springs. It’s up a dirt road and over a hill some where east of I-25. That’s about all I remember about where this is. A nice record, though, of where I was one warm day a year or two ago.

Anyway for what it’s worth, these paintings have made it back home. I thought you might enjoy seeing them as much as I have.