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Dancing With a Sore Foot

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on March 15, 2009 by Eldon

Well……..It’s Saturday night. My friend Gretchen (and fellow artist) is probably out dancing. I am not. Gretchen is probably having a wonderful evening out where the lights are bright and the crowds are huddled together in the clubs, laughing and toasting each other for what ever happy things they’ve done of late. Sounds like a wonderful thing.         

No really, I mean it!        It’s been a long time since I’ve been out dancing. A very long time.

30x40 oil on canvas

But I find myself here writing this Saturday night blog, not upset at all that I’m not somewhere rockin out and staying up way too late spending energy that seems so dang hard to come by. And I enjoy my Saturday night in front of the puter doing another post about something I love to do. And if I wasn’t in front of the puter right now I’d be in front of the easel.

step 2 30x40 0il on canvas

Besides I aint to much of a dancer. Never found a lot of enjoyment there. (no offense Gretchen)  And besides, watching me “puttin on the dog” you’d swear I was dancing with a sore foot.

step 3 30x40 oil 0n canvas

I got a bit of a reprieve from the over time this last week. I was dancing.  I danced right down here to my studio (the one place where a sore foot wouldn’t stop me) and got to work on this 30×40 for my upcoming show at the Earthwood Gallery in Boulder. I’ll be doing the first Friday (April 3rd) event then I’ll be hanging some work for a month or so as the featured artist. Yer all invited.

Step 4 30x40 oil on canvas

By now I’d guess you all know how much I dig painting the back roads. I grew up running up and down these roads and skinny dipping in the farmers ditch. I walked the rail road tracks and spent a lot of time roaming the prairie. It’s no wonder I paint the subjects I do.

step 5 30x40 oil on canvas

It’s where I come from.

step 6 30x40 oil on canvas

And a view down an old dusty back road inspires me to paint it.

step 7 30x40 oil on canvas

And share it with you on Saturday night.

step 8 30x40 oil on canvas

By the way. That white mail box is dead center. How much does that bother ya?     🙂  twinkle!